In view of our vision we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ maintenance, repair and parts requirements. Our well-equipped and technologically advanced Quick Response Centers, and mobile service fleets enable us to address virtually every service need. Our engineers, technicians and craftsmen are trained on the most advanced maintenance and repair procedures. They are also connected to a global network of parts and rapid prototyping centers. This allows them to address almost any equipment service requirement, on- or off-site, regardless of OEM.


Pump and Seal Repair & Maintenance

Broad machining capabilities, advanced welding and material overlay services, progressive testing and inspection techniques, push/pull support, stocking and cost-saving equipment overhaul programs are all integral parts of the Sanggul Emas portfolio.

Pump and Seal Replacement Parts & Components

Through quick response programs, rapid prototyping and other innovative approaches, we are able to supply clients with the quality parts they need to keep their operations running smoothly and profitably.

Valve Maintenance, Repair & Inspection

Our field service team is second to none for timely, long-lasting valve service.

Actuator Maintenance, Repair & Inspection

We provide full solution on Complete Assembly Valves to support during shutdown and daily operation.


Our experts offer a 360-degree view of the flow management system, from consulting during design to ensuring safe and efficient operation of equipment over time. Our focus on the system starts with a commitment to building the industry’s best engineering and technology organization.

We have more than 1500 engineers trained and organized to address every aspect of the flow management system, with emphasis on either aftermarket or new equipment competencies. They can remotely synchronize with our clients to analyze and resolve issues, and when necessary, they can be deployed on-site for extended periods.

Engineering Support

We can provide the resources to manage even the most complex project from start to finish. Globally deployed in more than 55 countries, Sanggul Emas engineers can engage remotely or on-site to support grass roots project planning, system design or project management requirements.

Technical Assessments

Our engineers perform comprehensive pump system audits to identify design weaknesses, reliability-availability and other operational issues. Operating and historical data are analyzed. Modeling and technology-aided tools pinpoint problems. Solutions, recommendations and economic justifications are offered based upon life cycle cost calculations. Once an agreement is reached between us and our client on the best course of action, a wide array of equipment or system improvement solutions can be implemented.

Equipment Performance Improvements

With more than two centuries of pump and mechanical seal innovation, an installed base exceeding one million units and a global footprint, Sanggul Emas stands alone in process knowledge, applications experience and technical resources. Our engineers have collaborated with plant operators, process licensors and architectural and engineering firms to solve virtually every conceivable equipment reliability, performance and availability problem.


The workshop is to support our represented equipment, and is capable of performing the following maintenance services:

Pump Repair

  • Overhaul all represented pumps
  • Performance Test after pump service

Pump Testing

  • Performance Test
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Noise Test

Pump Training Courses

  • Sizing & Selection of pumps
  • Pump Preventive Maintenance
  • Pump Repair
  • Trouble Shooting

Maintenance Contract

We provide basic, and value-added Maintenance Contracts, on-site servicing and commissioning with our skilled engineers for on-shore and off-shore.

Authorized Workshop

The workshop has received certification from the following manufacturers to service their respective equipment locally: 

Milton Roy

Full range of API675 Motor Driven Chemical Injection Pumps

Williams Milton Roy

Full range of API675 Pneumatic Driven Chemical Injection Pumps

Sundyne Compressors

Full range of API617 Centrifugal Compressors.

Sundyne Marelli

Full range of API610 Centrifugal Pumps


Full range of API 685 Magnetic Sealless Pumps

Robbins & Myers Inc.

Positive Displacement, Single Helical (MOHNO)