Above and beyond

Following our vision we go the extra mile by providing extra support to our clients. Understanding the stresses and life cycle costs associated with the most important aspects of plant operation, Sanggul Emas Services and Solutions integrates hydraulic, mechanical and materials engineering knowledge with creative solutions to improve equipment reliability and system performance. Thus helping clients reduce energy consumption, and improve the safety and environmental impact of operations.

Education & Training

Sanggul Emas training programs help plant operators, reliability specialists, engineers and maintenance personnel deepen their understanding of flow management systems. Training programs from Sanggul Emas are ideal for organizations seeking to enhance workforce competency.

Clients can opt for basic training or customized programs. We offer an unparalleled global network of training experts and facilities to accommodate any request. Clients can choose the location, course content and program formats that optimize the use of human and financial resources to get the most effective results.

Online Training

Pumping and system fundamentals have been pre-packaged in an online format that allows engineers, operators and other associates to learn the basics before investing in more extensive instructor-led courses. Web-based modules allow for self-paced study of important topics and online testing, and data tracking ensures comprehension of the most important principles.

On-Site Training

Sanggul Emas Educational and Training resources provide the design, development and delivery of training tailored specifically around the people, equipment and processes at a client’s location. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, trainers deliver individualized instruction on the concepts, processes and equipment needed to maximize employee performance in the client’s environment.

Learning Resource Center

We are committed to the construction and support of the industry’s largest and most sophisticated network of Learning Resource Centers. These state-of-the-art facilities ensure participants receive a balanced combination of hands-on training, and instruction in the principles of equipment operation, maintenance and reliability.