Our Vision  For The Future

To sustain our position as industry leader by helping our clients fulfil their vision in an ever-changing environment.


In order to continue thriving we must adapt to changes faster than ever before. To remain relevant as leaders of the industry, we train our staff to put our vision statement to practice. In doing so we create our future with everyday successes.

The demands from our customers are becoming more stringent, and often involve detailed engineering and process understanding. We are often required to support their engineering contractors with detailed specifications. Currently Sanggul Emas is being transformed into an engineering systems packager and integrator utilizing high quality engineering products. We are also developing joint efforts with our principals in assembling and manufacturing.

Our vision is timeless. Sanggul Emas continues to evolve beyond traditional methods. By consistently pursuing “kaizen”, a Japanese philosophy of continuous professional improvement and efficiency we change for the better. As soon as we establish a standard way of doing a job, we set out to demolish it proactively, and do it in an even better way. With our mindset consistantly seeking positive change, we believe we will keep ahead of the curve.