A sense of purpose

Sanggul Emas has an excellent staff retention track record. We believe that this is one of the main reasons we are now leaders in the industry. We support our staff in finding purpose in their daily work.

From a business perspective, investing in our staff and motivating them means less unnecessary expenditure on recruiting and training new people. Our staff turn-over is lower than the average rate in the industry. This is due to our culture of  family oriented values, on-going training and staff reviews, and the various opportunities for growth we offer our staff.

From our staff’s perspective, Sanggul Emas is a place they can excel in, and to achieve stability and job satisfaction. Many of them who started as juniors are now seniors, while experienced engineers continue with us to become specialists.

From our clients’ perspective, all the above translates to trust. The relationship we establish and maintain with their employees in every project we commit to, further assures them that we can deliver more than is expected of us, from conception to commissioning.